Best Drug Addiction Counselors for Children of Addicts

Drug Addiction Counselor

Drug addiction counselors play a vital role in facilitating the much-needed communication outlets for children of addicts. Because children are unable to communicate their feelings the way adults do, therapy provides age appropriate treatment intended to help them express themselves in a safe, healthy environment.

Finding the best counselor to work with the children of addicts is challenging. The credentials and the experience of such professionals will have to be thoroughly assessed before a decision is made.

What does an Addiction Counselor do?

Drug abuse and addiction counselors are therapists that specialize in the treatment and the recovery of various types of addictions. These professionals are qualified to work both with an addicted individual and with their family members.

A drug addiction counselor will work with both addicts and their families in a therapeutic setting. The sessions could take place on a one-on-one basis. Sometimes, group sessions will also take place as well. These have a networking element that allow for the development of a support group.

The process that children and spouses of addicts go through is called multidimensional family therapy. A drug addiction counselor will work with family members alone and with the entire family. The aim of this therapy is to improve family dynamics and to also create the right conditions for effective recovery.

Choosing the Best Drug Addiction Counselor

When children are involved, it’s imperative to find a highly experienced addiction counselor. It’s a good idea to take some time and asses the credentials of various therapists in the field. Comparing their qualifications and approaches side by side will make it easier to pick the best counselor.

If you’re searching for an addiction counselor that will work with your children during a spouse’s recovery, you may want to focus on the following:

  • Education and certification: This is the first and the most important check you’ll have to run. Counselors and psychologists that specialize in the field of addiction therapy should have the right education and professional certification. Which university did the counselor graduate from? What degree did they obtain? Does the professional have an up-to-date license? Are they members of specialized organizations in the field? This type of information should be readily available.
  • Experience: Some therapists work with people that deal with all kinds of problems. Ohers specialize solely in the field of addiction therapy. The experience of such professionals and the number of addiction cases that they’ve dealt with will shed some light on the effectiveness of the therapeutic approach.
  • Therapeutic approach: Many counselors advertise their approach as evidence-based. These words have become a cliché and they say very little about the therapeutic practices employed to help the children of addicts. Call the practice and ask about the strategy that will be employed. Experienced, reputable counselors are capable of giving a detailed explanation that’s easy to understand and that justifies the use of one approach or another.
  • Communication style: counselors that work with the children of addicts should make their clients feel comfortable and confident. Thus, the communication style is tremendously important. Scheduling a first preliminary session is the best way to assess the “chemistry” between counselor and client.

As a child, you cannot control your environment. Having to take on pressures and parental issues associated with addiction can create an extreme level of vulnerability and anxiety. Not addressing these issues at an early age can be detrimental to the developmental well-being of a child. Thus why addiction counseling is of paramount importance for the welfare of your children. It is crucial to take some time and do your research. The qualifications and experience of a counselor matter and you can’t leave the selection of such a professional chance. Ask enough questions and gather tons of information until you feel confident with the choice you’ve made.

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