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Hello! I’M ANGIE
A mother, writer and unrelenting optimist dedicated to helping you find faith in yourself and resist living a life without dreams and hopes because of an addictive past that others have handed you. 

All my life I’ve cared about the well-being of others more than myself. Hell, I’ve been raising addicts for as long as I can remember. My mother is a heroin addict…my mother, uncles and a host of extended family. A mothers’ job by nature is to nurture those around her. Imagine being a kid taking on those responsibilities. It’s something you can't prepare for. When the right healing isn't promoted for this kind of wound, the result is no good for anyone.

Addiction has plagued the African American community for years and has had its most profound effects on the African American mother. Growing up the child of an addict places a heavy burden on your heart. It leaves you with scars that are often never healed. Their addiction defines you. No matter what you accomplish in life, it’s the one unspoken, internal battle that always makes the cut. While not every broken person shares the same story, we're all capable of healing from those wounds.

Heartaches of Addiction has been a lifetime in the making. Sometimes we're shaken to the point that we have to step outside of our comfort zone and 2018 did just that for me. When I tell you it Showed Up and Showed All The Way Out…believe me when I say it acted a complete fool!!!  Truth – some of us have to be stripped of our security to step out on faith into our true purpose. Raise your hand if that includes you - *sighs, raises hand*.

A dear friend once said to me – “Your spirit is calm, but masked.”
Deeeeeeeeeeeep! She was right! So here I am with the unmasking. Pain sits inside of us until we decide to unmask the source, the why. It provokes reflection. Will you allow your pain to be provoked? Will you surrender to the voice inside of you whispering back...you are so much more than the circumstances you’ve been born into? Despite everything you’ve been through, you are Still Standing. Join us on this journey today.

Scared, Broken, Flawed, Masked, In Pain but HERE…

heart full,

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