Drug Addiction Affects the Whole Family

Drug Addiction in the Family

When a loved one suffers from drug addiction, they believe it is a condition that only affects them. Their drug abuse is internalized and treated as a self-impacting situation. More often than not, they are numbed out by the feel good urge that comes from the infamous “high” that has wreaked havoc on the people they love so dearly.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Hurts the Whole Family

Unfortunately, this couldn’t hold more truth. Spouses are forced to take on dual roles. They constantly have to come up with excuses for the addictive behavior being demonstrated in the home. The devastating lack of influence over the circumstances affecting their significant other can lead to paralysis in the decision-making process.

Children of addicts, the voiceless victims of drug addiction are impacted the most. The unheard, helpless cries of a child losing their innocence to an adult’s addiction can be suffocating. The essentials in life; proper nourishment, clothing, housing…the things taken for granted by most become a luxury. Drug use becomes the number one priority, leaving faultless children the now casualty of this family disease.

Teen children are also likely to become engrossed in the unfair circumstances created by the addicted parent. Having to care for younger siblings and possible financial obligations in the home, can take away their time and ability to focus on school and the sheer joy of just being an adolescent. Worst case scenario, the addicted parent will attempt to engage in drug use with their teenage child. Thus, creating a potentially vicious cycle of drug abuse for generations to come.

Drug addiction is dangerously prevalent among our youth these days as well. Drug overdose has become a very tragic epidemic, with the number of prescription drug and heroin overdoses on the rise. This further complicates addiction in the home. In an attempt to keep their child safe, parents may fund money that in fact supports the child’s addiction. If there are other children living in the home with the abuser, their safety could be it risk. Supporting the addiction itself does not help anyone, it simply enables and to a degree promotes this risky behavior. 

The Whole Family Needs Healing from Addiction

The next time an addict tells you that their drug addiction only affects themselves, you should be the wiser. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for a person. Ensuring that the addict, along with all family members involved, get the help they need is the best approach when dealing with addiction. Healing and not hiding is key here. Otherwise, your family as a whole could fall addicted to a life full of pain and resentfulness.

If a loved one is struggling with an addiction, know that you are not alone. As the child of an addict, the hardships faced are very apparent…thus the creation of Heartaches of Addiction. As a community, we can come together to help each other get through this difficult ordeal. Through lack of judgement and a show of abundant encouragement, we can come together united for one another. There are additional support networks and resources mentioned throughout the site to help all family members who are affected by an addict.  Use them, rely on one another! Do not remain chained to the conditions of your environment. Together, we will heal, help and promote patience...the courage from within, testing your commitment to this worthy cause.

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